Über uns

Mülheim United e.V is a registered Non Governmental Association(NGO) founded in 2014 that brings together Africans resident in the Federal Republic of Germany with the following objectives:


  1. To promote Unity, Love, Patriotism, Peace and collective responsibility amongst its members.
  2. To promote sociocultural and sporting activities toward creating a positive impact on the community.
  3. To assist the underprivileged of the African Continent by participating and contributing toward the realization of Humanitarian projects in Africa.
  4. To assist members through intergration process and opportunities.
  5. To encourage mutual cooperation with other Social, Cultural, Charity Associations/Organizations in Germany.
  6. Organize and participate in Social Events, Seminars/ Lectures/ Conferences and come together for the enhancement of meaningful cooperation with other Organization.

The motto of the Association is “Being your Brothers and Sisters Keeper” The Official Seat of the Association is Mülheim An Der Ruhr, NRW, Deutschland. General Assemble Sessions holds ones a Month.


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